What is Firewise

With origins dating back thirty years to 1986, the National Fire Protection Association's (NFPA) Firewise Communities program encourages local solutions for wildfire safety by involving homeowners, community leaders, planners, property developers, firefighters, and others in the effort to protect people and property from wildfire risks. It brings together physical fire science research and human behavior research so brush fires, grass and forest fires don't have to be disasters. Homeowners can take a series of simple steps to dramatically reduce the risk of dwelling ignition and destruction. Practiced in over 650 communities in 40+ states the Firewise principles and practices work to keep communities safer.

Horseshoe Lake Firewise Community

Originally established in 2006, the Horseshoe Lake Firewise Community was the first community in Alaska to fully adopt the firewise principles and practices to reduce wildfire risk to homes and property. Located just north of Big Lake, covering 2100 acres, portions of the community of homes and recreational cabins were devastated in 1996 by the Miller's Reach fire. Whether energizing the community by coordinating clean-up days, educating how to best mitigate the risk of property damage by wildfire, coordinating community wildfire response and evacuation plans, developing partnerships with local fire departments and government, or sharing the firewise message with surrounding communities, the award winning community is gearing up for another busy year. Please visit the About Us page for more information about our firewise community.

Posted 2017-05-28/News: Annual Firewise Chipping Day and Pizza Party Flotilla

Our 11th Annual Firewise Chipping Day is scheduled for Saturday, June 24th starting at 10am at Kramer's. Volunteers will be needed. Followed at 6pm with our 5th Annual Pizza Party Flotilla out on Horseshoe Lake. Event details.

Similar to previous years, each property is limited to:

  • Pile size of: 20' long by 6' high and 10' wide
  • No trees larger than 3" in diameter
  • No leaves, dirt or stumps
  • Cut ends facing the road neatly

Chips will be piled back into the area.

Property owners may place wood debris in the ditch line next to their driveway from now thru June 23rd. Primarily planned for property accessible from Horseshoe Lake Road and Camp Dr. up to the camp area. Please contact Cathi if you have woody debris on any other roads. For safety, volunteers are recommended to wear gloves, safety glasses, hard soled shoes, long sleeve shirt and pants.